Campaign Management and Detail Reporting

Best in class reporting for excellence in optimization, our highly detailed reports give you the information you need to make your ads perform at their best.

Campaign Reporting

Campaign Management

Complete Campaign Management Solution

Simple, flexible, and designed to target right audience

  • Performance Optimization

    Performance Optimization

    Built in optimization strategies to boost engagement and performance for maximize conversion results.

  • Bid Customization

    Bid Customization

    Customize bids and your own price, bid on exact audience, inventory, exchange, device and much more.

  • Responsive Rich Media Ads

    Responsive Rich Media Ads

    Use our rich media ad builder for highly engaging creatives.

  • 3rd Party Audience Data

    3rd Party Audience Data

    Using 3rd party audience to show your ads in front of the right customer.

  • Advanced Reporting

    Advanced Reporting

    Detail campaign reporting

  • No Boundaries

    No Boundaries

    Create unlimited retargeting audience, dynamic ads, rich media ads, split test and mix everything!

Expand Your Reach To Customers

We partner with major Ad Exchanges and work at extending our inventory every day to increase more access to target your customers.


Access to Third Party Audience data

Access to plenty of demographic segments from third party data providers

3rd party data provider

Social Retargeting

Simple and intutitive process to hardness of FBX and communicate with your web visitor effectively and dyanmically.

  • Facebook Exchange (FBX) is a new way of buying ads on Facebook through the use of real time bidding.
  • Through FBX, advertisers can target their audience on Facebook using data collected outside of Faceboo
  • Retarget your site visitors on the largest inventory source on the web, with over 1 Billion active users and 28% of U.S. ad impressions.
  • Create unlimited pixels for first party audience

Multi Channel Personalization Retargeting Ad

Engage your site visitors with highly personalized ads base on their on site behavior.

  • Dynamic learn from user behavior on funnel path and serve the most relevant product with higher probability of engagement and conversion
  • Simple and intutative interface for brand customization
  • Template base layout to customerize